Dehydrated Kimchi Powder

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and just never got around to it.  I totally kicked myself in the bum when a friend (Hi Kelly!) mentioned she saw something on television I had to make…  It got me fired up about the idea again and I happened to have some kimchi in the fridge.

The initial results (dehydrated kimchi) looked a lot like something out of a Halloween horror show:

Dehydrated Kimchi Powder October Kimchi Cabbage

If you haven’t had kimchi before, it is a Korean fermented condiment.  Cabbage is a main ingredient and it can be spicy or mild.  Kimchi often has many different variations (just as ‘soup’ does) and can be specific to a region or to whatever one has lying in their pantry.

Kimchi is fermented with salt.  It is stored in a cold space (in my case the fridge) and contains brine and fermented vegetables.  There’s a massive water content so dehydration creates a significant shift in volume.  Two cups of Kimchi became two tablespoons of kimchi powder (almost a 20-to-1 reduction)!

The powder is created by dehydrating drained kimchi (it takes about 24 hours) and then blitzing the brittle results into powder.  The final product is less intimidating that the initial results:

Dehydrated Kimchi Powder October Kimchi Cabbage

The powder is intense!  The lost weight is water – the remaining taste is an intense hit of salt, fermentation, umami and kimchi goodness.  A single teaspoon of this powder represents more than a quarter cup of the original contents.  A little bit goes a long way.

Here’s a few potential uses:

  • A condiment for soups
  • An addition to a stir fry
  • Use as a dry rub (especially with fatty items like short ribs)
  • Hot dog/ veggie dog topping
  • An ingredient for homemade sausage
  • Sprinkled on french fries (much like ‘cajun spice’ is often done)
  • Mixed into other fermentations as a spice/ starter
  • A potential cocktail rimmer (thinking something with tomato juice)
  • Add it to mayo for sandwiches (here’s a trick for making homemade mayo in 30 seconds or less)

What would you use it for?



  1. Wow, what an interesting idea.
    What temperature did you dehydrate this at?

  2. S. Elsworth says:

    Joel, Your kimchi link on this page doesn’t go to another page – it downloads the first image on this page. Tell me if you don’t want my input on stuff like this or if I should leave it someplace else.

    • Hi Sheri,

      Always good to know what isn’t working – may take longer than I’d like to fix them but would have never caught this – so thank you (it is now fixed). :)


  3. ahandful4u says:

    Very interesting. I would have never dreamed of dehydrating kim chi. I can see how the taste would become very intense.

  4. Joe Chau says:

    Hi, Is this 125F

  5. Joe Chau says:

    Thank you. last question. what equipment would you recommend?

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