Dehydrated (Fermented/ Pickled) Hot Peppers

Yesterdays post (dehydrated kimchi powder) was a similar experiment to this one: dump a bunch of fermented goods into the dehydrator and see what happens.

These are awesome:

Dehydrated (Fermented/ Pickled) Hot Peppers Pepper (Hot) October Hot Pepper

We started with fermented hot peppers and dried them at 125 degrees for 36 hours.

The results look frail – you would think that only the skins and seeds survive.  It looked so meager until I tasted one: sour, umami and super hot.  I’ve found that dehydrating peppers will often increase their level of spice (though I have no scientific proof) and this was no exception.

I’ll store them whole (this will preserve the flavor longer) and turn them into powder when I use them (via a coffee grinder).  I’ll use like any seasoning/ hot pepper powder (i.e. cayenne) and suspect I’ll have no problems going through this test batch in short order.  Thankfully, the fridge is full of fermented hot peppers so I can still do more!

What have you been thinking about dehydrating these days?



  1. Brussel sprouts. Thinking ab dehydrating Brussels sprouts. And more chicken jerky, goose jerky and elk jerky.

  2. Mark Solomon says:

    I just did 3 lbs of beef jerky (from a hip roast) and 2 more lbs from ground beef. It turned out great a little more salty than I wanted but….

    So now I am ready for hunting hope to do some moose jerky with this year’s hunt

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