Cooking with ingredients – when 1+1=3

We were visiting family in Lindsay this weekend.  We arrived home around 5PM and I was in a hurry to go to a friends house to watch the big football game (the first full game I`ve seen all year).

Our plan was to watch the game, order a pizza and drink a few beer.  There wasn`t much time and our needs were simple.

In a fit of madness I decided that I had time to make my own pizza dough.  I made my first pizza from scratch in the last few months and may be developing a bit of an addiction.  The process is simple, almost effortless and the taste is simply superior.  In less than 5 minutes of effort (plus waiting time for the dough to raise) you can easily create enough dough for 2 pizzas.

I took the ingredients to a friends house – a pizza bar in a back pack.  I presented some options and we came up with a spicy little number that tasted awesome, cost less and left a smaller environmental mark on our world (sans takeout box).

We also remarked how much cooking from ingredients fills you quicker than eating typical fast food.  3 slices of the homemade pizza (we cooked one of the two), filled me to the brim.  I would have inhaled half an extra large of a commercial product.

Writing about food has really forced us to think a great deal about it.  Thinking about it is creating radical changes in my life – even the definition of eating something easy (fast food vs cooking) is being rewritten.  I`m thankful and excited at the same time.


  1. Mitzi Zohar says:

    Sounds yummy! What pizza dough recipe do you use?

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