Cookalong Live coming to Canada (and perhaps North America)

The concept is simple.  Download a shopping list and turn on your television and cookalong with Gordon Ramsay for 1-hour.

Here’s a promo that ran in the UK last year – it’s worth the watch (almost a hybrid of a commercial for a cooking show and You Think You Can Dance).  You will have to click the link to see it as the BBC has requested that YouTube restrict people from embedding it (just click the video below and a link will appear to take you there):

Most of the episodes are on YouTube and the  Internet but I’m hooked.  Perhaps all of that work travel I’m doing in Scotland is starting to affect me but I am actually quite excited.

Look for the Food Network and Global (CanWest) to be launching this series shortly (ads are already appearing as we write this).  Thanks to Terry S. for the tip – I’ll be jumping on board and maybe even cooking along.


  1. Ms. Shorty says:

    Huddles will take on a whole new dimension now…..

    This will be a fun adventure and I am sure that Gordon will teach us not only some great recipes and techniques but contribute to a few new “broken windows”.

    The commercials are quite amusing and I always enjoy Gordon Ramsay shows.

  2. “Useless” – HA!
    Love it, can’t wait.

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