Come and Jam with Us… Challenge Reminder and offer for Torontonians

We rarely post on the same subject twice – there’s always room for exceptions and this is well worth some extra attention.  For those of you familiar with the preserving challenge she is hosting there are a few offers that are new and may help motivate you to join in the fun.

There are more than 20 people signed up to join a 12-month preserving challenge hosted by our friend Tigress.  She is a monster supporter of WellPreserved and we try to return the favour – it’s easy to be a fan of her two blogs (Tigress in a Jam, Tigress in a Pickle) and it is her genius and hard work.  We posted the original details here and her full concept is best explained on her blog here.

For those who are interested, the deadline to sign-up (it’s a free commitment) expires on December 22nd.

Now it is time to sweeten the deal…

  1. Knowing that some may not be participating because they are new to preserving I want to encourage all to give it a try.  If one person emails us to ask us to create a series to walk through the basics of our first batch (a step-by-step how-to), we will do so before the end of the first month.  We have a generic walk-through linked on the preserving page above.
  2. If anyone is short a recipe we will gladly share.
  3. We will try to answer any questions we can to support the mission.
  4. For those of you in the Toronto area (close enough to meet face-to-face), we will literally sweeten the pot.  I am proposing a local swap at the end of the 12 months (we could meet at 6 month intervals of course) that would be very simple.  I will save an extra jar of each batch we make to trade with you at the end of the swap and will include recipes.  We can compare results and learn from each other.  If people want to try more than my goods I will offer to be a matchmaker and arrange a 2-way, 3-way or more.  Participants must be able to meet in T.O. for a swap.  If you are interested, leave us a comment or email us.

You can reach me at email: joel (a)

Come join the community and let’s get jamming!


  1. good stuff joel!
    there are now 33 bloggers and 11 non-bloggers signed up!
    i’m talking party-time!

  2. I live in Toronto and signed up as a non-blogger for the preserving challenge. I would definitely be interested in a swap :)

    btw, I made the spicy carrots mentioned here a few months ago and they are now my husband’s favourite!

  3. Joel, you’re making me wish I was in Toronto – I’d have to do a ‘virtual’ swap and share recipes, since I’m pretty far away. But I’m already signed up for the Tigress’s challenge; can’t wait to be challenged and experiment each month!
    Good holidays (I’ve gotta get back to makin’ gifts for Christmas.)

  4. I’ve signed up, looking forward to it!

  5. You hafta know I’m in like Flynn. Whoever Flynn is. And does he know Reilly (you know, of the Life of Reilly?) Just had some great pickled carrots at Pangaea today and am wanting to make some. They were really clovey.

  6. Awesome guys! Between here and emails I think there`s about 10 of us going in together :) A big Toronto representation too – neat stuff and excited to have you all on board!


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