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This weeks theme was: Cherries!  New preservers will find everything they need to learn to preserve cherries and veterans will (hopefully) find new ideas and great preserving ideas for the first fruit of the year!  Strawberry wine, spicy preserves and recipes for beginners are all included.

Cherry Round Up Cherry


  • 10 ways to Preserve Cherries (The Kitchn) A one-stop list to find inspiration for preserving ideas.


  • How to Dehydrate Cherries (Blissfully Content) The fundamentals of dehydrating cherries (and a great idea to cut them in half in order to put them easily with only a pairing knife).
  • Dehydrating Cherries (Little Farm in the Big City) This may have the best trick in this entire post; a quick steam of the cherries make them easier to pit!
  • How to Dehydrate Cherries in Your Oven (The Kitchn) While this will work, there are some disadvantages to using a dehydrator (the oven is warm enough to kill many nutrients and will include limited number of racks) but it’s a great place to start if you don’t have a dehydrator.


  • Cherry Jelly (National Center for Home Food Preservation).  It’s not graphic and it includes pectin (it would have to in order to set cherries); this is fundamental jelly making and a practical walk-through if you’ve never done it before (or want a non-nonsense guide).
  • No-Recipe Cherry Jam (David Lebovitz) I’m a big fan of David Lebovitz.  I find his writing to be exciting, easy to follow, inspirational and practical.  I like his advice to wear red in this recipe!
  • Homemade Sour Cherry Jam (Cooking Melangery) There are all kinds of sour cherries across our city and it’s an annual right-of-passage to preserve them.  Here’s an easy recipe to do just that!
  • Sour Cherry Vanilla Jam (Delicious Days) I like the idea of using vanilla to offset some of the sourness of the cherries (as opposed to using only sugar).  I also like the one-piece lids in this recipe and have often been curious about using them!
  • Homemade “Maraschino” Cherries (Cupcake Project) These are a booze-free version (that also lack all the dyes and other nasties in ‘real’ maraschinos).  I’s tough to get the actual ingredients for maraschinos for most in North America but this looks like a good knock-off.
  • Maraschino Cherries – Round 2 (Cupcake Project) A different take on maraschinos that includes using cherry liqueur as part of the process.
  • How to Make Russian Sour-Cherry Preserves (The Girls Guide to Guns and Butter) An easy-to-follow recipe that also includes a photo and description of how to test the setting (aka ‘gel point’) so that you’ll know when jam is thick enough!


  • Homemade Liqueur (Growing a Greener World) I’m thrilled to have the writing of Theresa Loe back on our round-up.  I love her work and this is a great example of it; this is a thorough walk-through of how to make homemade liqueur.
  • Cherry Plum Cordial (Norfolk Kitchen) This is a great recipe and is particularly interesting if you don’t have a cherry pitter (or the patience to pit a bunch of cherries!)
  • Sour Cherry Liqueur (Dave’s Garden) This is from a collection of old Cherry Recipes; it’s the simplest type of preserving and a great reminder that small projects can yield great results.
  • Bourbon Cherry Cordials (Grinch the Cat) These aren’t really a preserve (though you could argue that fact since these chocolates rest for 10 days before they are ready to eat) but these look truly remarkable.  Dipped chocolate with a liquid filling and it looks awesome!

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  1. I just used up all of the cherries harvested from my trees. I think I’ll have to buy some at the farmer’s market and try a few of these recipes. Yum! Thanks for posting the roundup. Pinned it to use next year.

  2. bronwyn says:

    We made two great recipes this year: Pomona Pectin’s recipe for chocolate cherry preserves ( and a habanero-lime cherry jelly that is posted on Both are highly recommended! We have also pitted and froze some for later use.

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