Roasted Red Peppers – Preserving 101 (Freezing)

In my TEDxToronto speech (Preserving Food: You are What You Eat) I mentioned preserving red peppers in the fall.  I claimed we save $100 a year.  A bushel of red peppers weighs around 30 pounds and is worth around $20 in the fall (you can buy them at farmers stands and European grocery stores).  Red peppers can easily reach $4 a pound or more in the winter so the bushel would be worth $120 if bought individually.

You can preserve the lot in about an hour (with less than half of that time actually requiring you to work; the rest of the time you are waiting for things are can do anything else).

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How to Freeze Peaches – Intro to Preserving (Freezing)

When people tell me that they don’t know how to preserve, I ask them if they use a fridge or a freezer.  Although we don’t often think of using a freezer as preserving food, it absolutely is a preserving method.  Many of our Grandparents (and some of us today) had cold cellars (or clay refrigerators that used no power at all) and used them to store fruit, vegetables and meat through the winter.  Somehow we saw their cold rooms as preserving but don’t see our fridges as doing the same!

While we’ve been eating lots of peaches lately, a busy week resulted in a bunch being abandoned in the fridge.  They were becoming soft (and some were bruised).  I already have a cupboard full of canned peaches and peach jams and the dehydrator was full of other things.  The easiest way to preserve these was to freeze them.

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How to stop Berries from Turning Mouldy and Soft in the Fridge

Strawberries come once a year – it’s a shame to see that they can go soft in a matter of days.  Today’s post is a simple trick that can prevent berries (especially strawberries and raspberries) from softening or moulding for a week or more.

How to stop Berries from Turning Mouldy and Soft in the Fridge Strawberry

The trick?  Rinse them quickly in cider vinegar before storing.  It doesn’t change the taste (you can rinse them again before using) but helps kill some of the natural wild yeasts on their surface and prevents them from going soft.

What’s your favorite trick for storing food?

Quick Pickled Beets

These quick pickled beets are similar to our recipe on quick pickled carrots (fermented) earlier in the week though the technique is a little different.  They were very tasty but I’d use purple beets (assuming I had them) next time in order to avoid the darkening you see near the bottom of the jar in the photo below.

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How to Pickle Carrots: Quick Pickled Carrot Recipe

This is a fantastically easy way to pickle carrots.  It takes mere minutes to do and the results will last in your fridge for weeks.  If you’re looking for something that will last longer or that you want to store at room temperature, you can check out spicy carrot pickles or our carrot archive for even more ideas.

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Unique Recipes for Cherries? Try Quick Pickled Cherries

I’m a cherry fiend.  I love them in pie, whole, in pie, juiced, in pie, with ice cream, in pie (with ice cream) and more.  I also like to find different ways to use them and this is one of the more unique recipes for cherries that I know; a quick pickle.

They don’t take long to make (the longest part is the pitting) and will last weeks (or more) in your fridge – but you’ll likely use them before that!

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How to Freeze Leftover Lobster

Having a plethora of excess lobster meat isn’t exactly a typical problem around our house (though I wish it were) but it has happened on occasion.  Oddly, one of the most frequent questions I’ve heard about lobster is, “Can I freeze leftovers?”

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Super Reduced Stocks Make for Easy Storage and Cooking

This is two pictures of the same thing – roughly 10 liters of stock reduced A LOT:

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Preserving Roasted Red Peppers – Preserving Summer Bonus Post

For those of you following along with our series, you`ll be expecting a post on what many consider the holy grail of dinner preserves – the almighty tomato.  If you`re expecting that today, you`ll have to come back tomorrow – we`re throwing a bonus in; a quick piece on preserving roasted peppers.

Roasted red peppers are one of the great secrets of our tomato sauce – they are added at time of cooking and one of the easiest things to preserve in the world.  I adore how fast they are to process and that I get to use a BBQ in the process.

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Freezer Pesto

I don’t know if you are tiring of hearing of the woods and the traditions we hold dear in the north – let’s take a break and head to the kitchen for some of the easiest preserving (and most practical) known to man, woman or child.

Do you have a selection of herbs that you are afraid may turn the corner of freshness?  Are you worried about losing a fridgefull – or even a garden full – of them?  When we run into this, we make pesto and whatever we don’t use we freeze in cupcake liners.

These handy little packages freeze well from 9-12 months and can be added (sans paper) to soup, stew, dips, sauces or other meals as needed.  They are a wonderful flavor boost that we use through the winter to remind us of summers bounty and hold us through to the next year.