HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

Here we go again – it’s time to announce another HomeEcNight!

The theme this month is:

HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

After 3 packed HomeEcNights (Hot Sauce Tasting, Craft Beer Salon and our Pickle Party), we’re pumped to announce our next pop-up: Jam Session!

Come to Hi-Lo Bar (Queen East, Toronto) on the evening of Wednesday, April 30th for a night of jam tasting, chatting, jam cocktails and $5 food.

We dig jam. And we’re excited that summer is so close – yet it’s so far when it comes to local fruit.  Come and meet some of our professional jam-making friends:

Each of them will have samples of their small-batch jam for you to sample.  There will also be:

  • jam cocktails made by Emily and Hi-Lo
  • $5 food from the team at Table 17 (who are partners with HiLo)
  • We’ll be there to chat about making your own as well.
  • A friendly crowd and lots of jam lovers

This is an informal night, there’s no talk or lecture or anything like that. We’re bringing together some great people we thought you’d be interested in meeting, so come out and have a pint, sample some jam and celebrate the early days of spring with us!.

Although you don’t have to RSVP it really helps us plan for the evening, helps reduce waste and allows us to know when to stop promoting to try and stop the bar from overcrowding and helps us keep this event free.  You can RSVP on Uniiverse here.

PS. Are you a blogger looking for content? If you’d like to request an interview with any of our guests, let us know (hello@wellpreserved.ca) and we’ll do our best to arrange a meeting prior to the event so you can get your story and then enjoy the event with every one else! HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap

Thank you to all who came out to HomeEcNight last night!  We had an amazing time and hope that each of you did as well!

What is HomeEcNight?  It’s our monthly (and sometimes more frequent) pop-up.  Each event has a theme; last night we had a pickle theme.  Participants packed into Toronto’s HiLo bar and celebrated everything pickled!

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Recap: HomeEc 25 and Craft Beer Salon

HomeEc 25: Craft Beer Salon has now wrapped up and we’re pleased to share what a great time we all had!  More than 100 people braved the sub-zero temperatures to come out ‘on a school night’ and participate in a great night celebrating craft beer and some awesome beer projects from our community.

We have to start with a giant thanks to our sponsor, Kensington Brewing Company who helped make the night possible.  Brock and Dave (the owner and head brewer of Kensington) were amazing partners who brought a one-off cask (it was emptied in less than 40 minutes!) and a great demo; they brought 5 different types of hops for people to check out (Fuggle, Sorachi Ace, Amarillo, Citra, Centennial).

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Joel Speaking At Imaginate (Tomorrow Evening in Port Hope, Ontario)

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be speaking at an amazing event tomorrow evening.  It’s a benefit for the Green Wood Coalition; the evening will be combination of speeches, music and art.

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HomeEc #25: Craft Beer Salon

A Night for the Beer-Curious

After our hot sauce tasting drew more than 90 people

Do you like beer?  Want to learn more about it while sharing pints with friends?  This is going to be a fun night celebrating beer and offering you a chance to try something unique and meet a bunch of passionate beer lovers who want to share what they love about beer!

This is also our first sponsored HomeEc.  We asked our friends at Kensington Brewing Company if they’d consider sponsoring the event and they jumped at the opportunity.  They’ve been long-time supporters of WellPreserved and their sponsorship is making this night possible for us to put on.

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2014: HomeEc Night and More Events Just Launched

It’s a New Year and we’re thrilled to kick off some entirely new events – and we’ve re-vamped some of our trusted ones!

This is the official launch of our new event page: www.HomeEcNight.com and the announcing of 3 new events in the coming month including “Home Ec,  Hot Sauce”.

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Recap: PreserveSwap in Toronto (HomeEc #23!)

We had our 23rd version of HomeEc on Monday, November 25th.  The monthly theme was: Preserve Swap.

Like our other swaps, this was a madhouse.  48 people showed up to trade preserves.  Some brought 1-2 jars while others brought cases.  Yes, cases.

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Recap: Pickle Battle at The Drake for 86′D

We were delighted to have the opportunity to judge a pickle battle at the Drake Hotel (Toronto) a few weeks back.  Our friend Ivy Knight (check out her awesome site, Swallow) hosts an amazing weekly food event (86′D) on Monday’s and the pickle competition was the theme for November 18th.

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5 Reasons (Not) to Come to our Preserve Swap

Our preserve swap is this Monday (November 25th)!  It’s our last swap of 2013 and we’re hoping to make it a wild night!

If you’ve never been to a preserve swap before, there might be some uncertainty around the event.  In today’s post I hope to share 5 common reasons people hesitate and hope to share my perspective on each:

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2 Upcoming Preserving Events in Toronto in the next 10 Days!

Hey all!

It’s a great time to be in Toronto if you preserve food or want to learn more about it.  There are two free events in the next 10 days where you’ll be able to meet a lot of people who preserve, swap and/or taste preserved foods and have a beverage at the same time!  And, if you come to either event, make sure to say hi – we’ll be at both! [Read more...]