Green Living Show 2015 – Joel is speaking

Joel is speaking on the main stage at the Green Living Show in Toronto this coming Saturday at 11:15 !

Green Living Show 2015   Joel is speaking

Urban Food Preserving:
5 Things You Can Preserve In 5 Minutes

People think they don’t have enough time, knowledge or ability to preserve food. Joel MacCharles will inspire as he shows practical methods of simple food preservation – many that can be done in just minutes!

Joel is the co-founder of one of the world’s largest preserving and local food websites, A recipe developer, former TEDxToronto speaker and mad scientist, he lives with almost 1,000 jars of preserves. for more information.

It’s a great show with a lot of fantastic displays and presentations.

Here’s the full list of Saturday Speakers

We’re really excited to see the panel at 12:45 including our friends Laura Reinsborough founder of Not Far from the Tree and Joshna Maharaj of Ryerson Eats

Appetite for Change

An expert panel will dig into the issue of food waste, exploring how it connects to global issues of food security, climate change, agricultural sustainability, and social justice. Local opportunities for reducing food waste will also be explored.

There’s also a panel (at 4:45) on the Importance of Bees, and an amazing lineup of Local food and drink to enjoy.

It’s more than just food there’s… the EcoParent Village, Green Fashion and beauty, yoga and fitness, MaRS discovery District Exhibit and an exhibit and auction of the Maple Leaf Forever tree, among so many other things. It’s going to be a great weekend!

There’s a couple of ways to score FREE ADMISSION. ($15 per person value).

1. BRING OLD ELECTRONICS TO RECYCLE. My keyboard just went kaput so i’ll be bringing it along…full list of accepted items here.

2. Visit the Cannonball on Queen Street East (m-f 730am-5ish, sat 930-5pm). I’ll be leaving a small stack there, grab a coffee or something and ask the Barista. Or ask Joel and I if you see us wandering around Toronto (say hi, we don’t bite)! The ticket vouchers we have are printed and aren’t transferable online, but if you check the speaker and vendor list on the site i’m pretty sure every one of them has some tickets available so visit those establishments or keep an eye out for the speakers and presenters around town!

Hope to see you there!

In Toronto or Campbellford, Ontario? See WellPreserved in Person…

When it rains it pours.

We haven’t had an event in almost 2 months and now we have 3 in the next 8 days!

In Toronto or Campbellford, Ontario?  See WellPreserved in Person...

There’s some amazing events happening in the next week and I’m thrilled to be part of them.  Here’s what’s going on in the next week:

  • The Raconteurs Story Telling (Toronto).  Wednesday, July 9th.  ($10 tickets) Doors 6:30, sow at 7:30.  I am so excited to be going to this event.  This awesome group of people curate 10 speakers to share short stories around a single topic.  Each person has 7-10 minutes to share their story to a live audience (the stories are also recorded and broadcast online).    I’ve been watching their stories on their YouTube Chanel over the last little while and I’m inspired by the ability of great story tellers to share so much in so little time.  I’ll be sharing a story about my earliest food memories and the persistent connection of emotion and the decisions I make on what I eat (and how we ended up largely opting out of the grocery store).  I have no problem admitting I’m a little nervous for this – the idea of transitioning from ‘public speaking’ to ‘story telling’ is partly symatec but I’ve had a mental wall to climb to get there.  I can’t wait!
  • Incredible Edibles Festival (Campbelford, Ontario).  Saturday, July 12.  All day.  This is a massive event!  Food, entertainment, speakers, vendors and a town festival to celebrate food, farming and community.  There will also be a goat fashion show and goat races!  The Campbellford Farmers market will swell to more than 50 vendors and a celebration of local food.  We’re friends with some of the organizers, have worked with others and are meeting more on the way.  This has been an inspired group of people and we’re excited to share the stage with a stellar lineup of passionate speakers.  And goats!
  • HomeEc Construction Season (Riverside, Toronto) 7:00-11:00PM. We’re hosting a party to raise funds for a local charity and raise business for local businesses during the worst construction we’ve ever faced (one of Toronto’s busiest intersections which brings people from more than 3 major street car lines is closed for a month)!  We’ll be raffling more than 20 prizes away over a few hours – each of the prizes will help bring people to local businesses who are struggling with the reduced traffic due to construction.

It’s going to be a busy week – hope to see you out!

HomeEc – Construction Season – July 16th

OK team, we need your help!

We live in Riverside (near Leslieville) in Toronto.  Construction has closed the intersection of Queen and Broadview which is dramatically decreasing business for the local business in our community.

You can help support local business in the middle of the worst (but needed) construction project we’ve ever faced – and you can win a whack load of prizes!

HomeEc   Construction Season   July 16th HomeEc

Here’s the deal:

  • Come to HiLo on July 16th.
  • We’ll be selling raffle tickets and have some form of silent auction.  100% of raffle proceeds are being donated to local charity (we’ll announce the amount here; we’re planning to donate to The Red Door which is a shelter in our neighborhood).
  • We’ll be selling tickets from 7:00PM onwards and we’ll start drawing winners at 8:00PM.
  • Raffle prizes will consist of small-large prizes (supporting local food businesses in the area; each prize will be redeemable from July 17th – August 4th.  Prizes will range from a free pint of beer, a $30 bar tab to HiLo, apps and mains from Table 17 and Enoteca Escari and more!  The prizes are all incentives to come out and support our neighborhood in the toughest construction season we’ve faced in recent memory.
  • So far we’ve received prizes from:
    • Butchers of Distinction
    • The Comrade
    • Dangerous Dan’s
    • Enotecta Ascari
    • Glas Winebar
    • Hi-Lo
    • Left Field Brewery
    • and more!

Left Field Brewery will also be attending and bringing a keg with them – it’s the first time you’ll be able to have Left Field on tap at HiLo!

We hope you’ll come out and help spread the word – and we hope you’ll join us in supporting local business in the midst of a challenging time!

list of businesses offering prizes will be updated on our NEW I Love Home Ec website (the place to keep up with all our events!).

The Home Ec (Big Outdoor) Kitchen Party

Dana and I are excited to share news of a project that we’ve been quietly working on for the last little while:

The Home Ec (Big Outdoor) Kitchen Party HomeEc Big Outdoor Kitchen Party HomeEc harbortfront center

Inspired by community gatherings in the East Coast of Canada (where my Mother is from) we’re planning a family-friendly festival celebrating small food, preserving, blogging, food writing, music and more.  We also have some surprises to share soon!

We’re hosting the outdoor event at Harbourfront center and we couldn’t be more excited about the venue!

Here’s how we described it on the Harborfront website:

Meet some of the city’s finest picklers, beekeepers, hot sauce makers, fermenters and chefs in our pop-up local grocery store. Each producer will have a unique demonstration to teach you about their craft. Have a bite on your way to visit our demo area to learn the basics of preserving food, learn simple meal ideas, cooking techniques and more.

No kitchen party is complete without music, so our day will culminate with live music to celebrate the harvest!

As events are becoming a bigger focus for us, we’ve launched a new website to share our events on.  You can find it at:

We’re looking for potential partners as well.  There are two types of partners we’re hoping to find:

  • Potential participants.  Artisan food producers, community organizations with a focus on food, cookbook authors, speakers and more.  The ideal participant will have a demo, tasting, display or something interactive to share with our guests.  We’ve had beer brewers offer hops for people to smell, hot sauce makers offering a taste of hot sauce and fermenters offer a sample of their pickles in the past.  You can find out the benefits of being a vendor here and apply over here.
  • Potential Sponsors.  Are you a larger organization who would like to participate with community and be involved with innovative, agile and amazing smaller brands?  We have a full sponsor package to share; send me an email (joel (a) and I’ll share it with you.

And, of course, you can participate by attending!


HomeEcNight #28 Preserve Swap Recap

Toronto, like many cities, can be a very difficult place to meet people.

When I first moved into the city I bemoaned the loss of community that came with living in the same place for more than 20 years.  I was only 25 minutes away from where I grew up so I wasn’t missing friends and family; I was missing a certain familiarity that comes with being in a place a long time.  On good days I hardly noticed it, on bad days I felt like I was an anonymous shadow that walked down the street just beyond the sight lines of people all around me.  I missed walking into the local burger shop, pub or bar and recognizing others with a familiar nod, smile or just the vague comfort that comes from seeing familiar strangers.

My discomfort manifested into a self-conscious reflection.  Was I so made of ego that it bothered me that people didn’t know ‘who I was?’  I didn’t think I was the type of person that needed the validation of strangers yet there was a hole that I felt when I walked around, anonymous.  The feeling ate at me and it ‘didn’t feel right’ – after all I spent the greater part of a year travelling Canada on a Greyhound bus where I was largely anonymous and don’t remember feeling that way at all.  I like to be alone and find quiet time spent in isolation to be comforting.

I largely waited for this feeling to go away.  And, with time, it did.  We made some friends, strengthened other relationships and got to know people in our neighbourhood.  The feeling disappeared as I felt connected to those around me and I thought I had found community again.  I haven’t thought about those feelings in years.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I HADN’T thought about those feelings in years.

On Wednesday evening we hosted our 5th or 6th preserve swap (part of our HomeEcNight events).  It’s our 5th or 6th preserve swap and the flow is delightfully predictable: people arrive around 8:00PM and spread their jars across the bar (there were hundreds).  The evening begins with a few awkward introductions as strangers meet one another and slowly begin to ask what others have made or brought.  People continue to arrive and the mingling becomes more comfortable and the room begins to get louder and more excited.  A few people pre-arrange swaps and we give people a heads up that the swap will begin around 9:00PM.  The music goes dim, we share 60 seconds of announcements and declare the swap as started.

And the room turns feverish.

People have different strategies for swapping.  Some carry their jars around to others to broker deals, others grab a few jars at a time or have a friend carry their jars as they go.  I’m extremely casual.  I sit back, soak in the room and let people take any of my preserves that they want and ask them to choose something from their collection for me.

Monday night followed the predictable flow.  35 or 40 people had armloads (or cases) of preserves and were laughing, smiling and trading jars of food they made by hand.  The room was loud and excited – individual conversations were mashed into the buzz of human activity with few discernible words until I heard it.  I heard a single word repeated over and over.  The word rose above the din and I heard it repeatedly:

Thank you.

Here was a group of 30 or 40 or 50 people, many who were strangers an hour before, engaged in open exchange and genuine appreciation with each other.  Strangers who were thrilled that someone had exchanged something special with them and with each other.  With hundreds of jars it’s easy to conclude that there were a hundred or more enthusiastic ‘thank yous.’

Strangers effecting one anthers lives.  Strangers sharing genuine interaction without pre-tense or distraction.  Strangers creating community.

I don’t think I’ve smiled as big as I did in that moment.  And I realized that this is what I was missing when I first moved to the city; witnessing the open entanglement that comes when a community bonds with itself.  Those moments are tough to find in a city of millions of people – you rarely see the same person twice so the chance to connect with familiar strangers is scarce.  And that’s the magic of a preserve swap – strangers pushing past their individual comfort zones to share mutual passions and connect with each other.

I also got a whack-load of jam, pickles, mustard, relish and more!  Thank you.

I know many who read this aren’t close enough to come to these events.  Here’s hoping we can bring this show on the road someday or perhaps you can connect strangers closer to you!

A giant thank you also goes out to Bernardin who supplied 2 awesome home canning starter kits that we gave away as door prizes.  We had some very happy winners take them home!

HomeEcNight – May 28th, 2014 – Preserve Swap

We’re pumped to announce another HomeEc and another PRESERVE SWAP!

All are welcome (even non-preservers) – it’s a great night to meet people, see what others are preserving and add new flavors into your life.  Read on for more info…

HomeEcNight   May 28th, 2014   Preserve Swap homeecnight

Here’s some common questions/ answers:

  1. How does a preserve swap work?
    People bring items to the bar to trade with others.  We scatter items through the bar for the first hour (when trading is not allowed) to give you a chance to survey the bounty and come up with a strategy.  Some people pre-arrange trades while others prefer to wait and see what options arrive.  We announce trading around 9:00 and you find people to trade your goods with.
  2. What Can I Bring?
    We’re not big on rules; if someone’s willing to trade you, it’s fair game.  Most people trade preserves of course but we’ve seen everything from sourdough starter to a pint of beer traded for a jar of preserves.
  3. What If I don’t Preserve?
    Come and meet people.  Ask questions.  It’s a great way to learn if preserving is something you’d enjoy!  And, like the swappers, you’ll have a chance to win one of two home canning sets from Bernardin to learn to can with!
  4. Do I have to trade everything I bring?
    Of course not.  The deals you make are up to you.
  5. What types of preserves should I bring?
    Waterbath canning (jams, jellies and pickles) are the most common things swapped but we’ve seen homemade bread, kombucha, kimchi, fridge jam, ferments, bacon, dehydrated goods and more all get swapped.
  6. How much should I bring?
    As much as you want.  Some people bring 2-3 jars, others bring 2-3 cases (or more)!  It’s not a competition but a lot of first-timers report that they wish they had brought more to trade.
  7. I’m out of preserves!  What do I do?
    I sometimes make a batch of jam or pickles (carrot, asparagus, beets and rhubarb can all be pickled this time of year) just to swap.  Of course you can also just come to meet others, share a beverage and have a chance to win one of the preserving kits.
  8. When and where?
    We’ll be at Hi-Lo Bar Toronto (just east of Broadview; 753 Queen East).  We’ll arrive before 8:00 and encourage our guests to be there around 8:00.  Swapping will begin around 9:00 and end shortly thereafter (it’s a frenzy!)

You don’t have to RSVP to the event but it helps us plan the evening better.  You can do so on Uniiverse.

Hope to see you there!

HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

Here we go again – it’s time to announce another HomeEcNight!

The theme this month is:

HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

After 3 packed HomeEcNights (Hot Sauce Tasting, Craft Beer Salon and our Pickle Party), we’re pumped to announce our next pop-up: Jam Session!

Come to Hi-Lo Bar (Queen East, Toronto) on the evening of Wednesday, April 30th for a night of jam tasting, chatting, jam cocktails and $5 food.

We dig jam. And we’re excited that summer is so close – yet it’s so far when it comes to local fruit.  Come and meet some of our professional jam-making friends:

Each of them will have samples of their small-batch jam for you to sample.  There will also be:

  • jam cocktails made by Emily and Hi-Lo
  • $5 food from the team at Table 17 (who are partners with HiLo)
  • We’ll be there to chat about making your own as well.
  • A friendly crowd and lots of jam lovers

This is an informal night, there’s no talk or lecture or anything like that. We’re bringing together some great people we thought you’d be interested in meeting, so come out and have a pint, sample some jam and celebrate the early days of spring with us!.

Although you don’t have to RSVP it really helps us plan for the evening, helps reduce waste and allows us to know when to stop promoting to try and stop the bar from overcrowding and helps us keep this event free.  You can RSVP on Uniiverse here.

PS. Are you a blogger looking for content? If you’d like to request an interview with any of our guests, let us know ( and we’ll do our best to arrange a meeting prior to the event so you can get your story and then enjoy the event with every one else! HomeEcNight #27: Jam Session

HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap

Thank you to all who came out to HomeEcNight last night!  We had an amazing time and hope that each of you did as well!

What is HomeEcNight?  It’s our monthly (and sometimes more frequent) pop-up.  Each event has a theme; last night we had a pickle theme.  Participants packed into Toronto’s HiLo bar and celebrated everything pickled!

HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap homeecnight [Read more...]

Recap: HomeEc 25 and Craft Beer Salon

HomeEc 25: Craft Beer Salon has now wrapped up and we’re pleased to share what a great time we all had!  More than 100 people braved the sub-zero temperatures to come out ‘on a school night’ and participate in a great night celebrating craft beer and some awesome beer projects from our community.

We have to start with a giant thanks to our sponsor, Kensington Brewing Company who helped make the night possible.  Brock and Dave (the owner and head brewer of Kensington) were amazing partners who brought a one-off cask (it was emptied in less than 40 minutes!) and a great demo; they brought 5 different types of hops for people to check out (Fuggle, Sorachi Ace, Amarillo, Citra, Centennial).

Recap: HomeEc 25 and Craft Beer Salon [Read more...]

Joel Speaking At Imaginate (Tomorrow Evening in Port Hope, Ontario)

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be speaking at an amazing event tomorrow evening.  It’s a benefit for the Green Wood Coalition; the evening will be combination of speeches, music and art.

Joel Speaking At Imaginate (Tomorrow Evening in Port Hope, Ontario) speeches [Read more...]