Can`t beat this – a secret to beet salad

I will gladly admit that I adore making mistakes.  I don`t embarass easily and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my discoveries of personal futility because they make me laugh, they may help someone else and I find it oddly fun to admit what a dork I can be.  I am pleased to say I plan on admitting my own discovery of personal flubbing and I may actually be the only one reading this who has learned a thing from it.

I m 37.  I`ve never eaten beats in the summer that I remember (with the exception of pickled beets).  The reason was simple – it`s too hot to cook tem and hot beets are so clearly a dish for the fall and winter.

I also adored how chefs got beets to stay so firm, crisp and crunchy in a salad.  I was never able to reproduce their results.  I was sharing the second anecdote with a farmer friend when she looked at me like I had 7.5 heads.

Can`t beat this   a secret to beet salad needspic Cooking Recipes Beet

I never knew that one could eat beets without cooking them.  Damn the man.

Tonights’ CSA arrived with a bunch of beets.  A quick salad of shaved beets (I used a mandolin), a touch of lemon, thyme, green onions, feta, a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  There is a small party going on in the fridge tonight as the guests of my beet party mix and mingle and by lunch tomorrow we`ll be chowing on a festival of flavor.

Not sure where all the whimsical wording is coming from tonight – I think I`m giddy to have learned something so new about something I thought I knew for so long.  Can`t beat this   a secret to beet salad needspic Cooking Recipes Beet

Addendum…I almost didn`t get this out today – wrote it last night, forgot to publish this morning – sorry for delay :(  Laughing at myself though..


  1. Brilliant! There’s also beet chips, which we’re looking forward to making if/when more of our beets come in.

  2. DUDE!!!! You do not have to cook them? I am a changed woman.

  3. Ha ha! I discovered that last year and also posted it as a “recipe”. Which it totally IS.


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