Bottling wine with Norman Hardie

8 friends and family members left the city around 7am on Saturday morning.  We were bleary eyed and laughing at what seemed like a logical plan before the alarm clock went off.  A quick wipe of the eyes and brush of the teeth paved the way for our escape to Prince Edward County.

We made our way to Norman Hardies vineyard and winery and started the morning with a small walk around the property.  The grapes are a beautiful dark purple or red (they are wrapped in mesh to protect them from birds so we didn’t take photos.

We were delighted when Norm announced to the group that he was going to put us to work.  We had to help bottle, label, cap and package 16 cases of wine.

Bottling wine with Norman Hardie

Bottling wine with Norman Hardie

Dana and I in action:

Taking part in the process made me appreciate how intimate these bottles truly are.  It is a process that is closely related to our jarring and canning and has really left an impression on me.  This is not wine made in a massive factory with cold machines whirring at 1,000 miles an hour – instead it moves slow, deliberately and each bottle is hand-filled with wine – and passion.


  1. Absolutely great action shots!

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