Beer Wars

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a beer post – as winter sets in there will be more evenings at home and we’ll be sampling more than ever and enjoying a collection of cellared beer that we’ve collected over the summer.

In the mean time, there’s Beer Wars – a movie about the US beer scene and the independent breweries who are challenging the giants.  There’s several regular beer heroes in the trailer including Greg Koch from Stone and Sam Calagione from Dogfishhead Brewery.

If you haven’t seen the I am a Craft Brewer video yet, take the 2 minutes to watch the stirring clip for a view into the very real battle for beer that is happening in the US right now.

Do you have any favorite craft/ small beer from around the world?


  1. I like Steam Whistle here in Toronto. Also, Quidi Vidi 1892 from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

  2. Matt, I haven’t tried Quidi Vidi and will have to keep an eye out – we were given 6 microbrew beer from Newfoundland that I’m planning on tasting over the holidays… neat stuff…j

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