Awesome local food packaging…

The domain of design on this blog belongs to Dana – a 15 year Graphic Designer with her own business makes her our resident expert.  I have learned a lot about design from Dana and many of our friends who make careers from design.  Discussions around our house frequently discuss the value of form over function (and the inverse), the role of design in food (and other things) and the general presence of visual stimuli all around us.

I was at the large grocery store on Sunday (there are far fewer markets opened on Sundays – though I am told a good one exists in Unionville).  We do buy from the large chains as well as the markets – where possible we try to be local.  We had company coming and I was in a pinch so off to the market.  Found some pork, carrots, parsnips and needed another veg.  I went to the squash section and noticed a lot of imported gourds when closer inspection revealed this beast (it is about 3 pounds):

Awesome local food packaging...

I wasnt sure what to do with this monster Buttercup Squash.  I knew I could mash it or roast it and I could probably make something up.  I furled my brow, picked it up and examined it to find this:

Awesome local food packaging...

The sticker removed all obstacles from buying local.  It made it easier to select than the imports and made it an easy decision.

A few pics of the insides (I know it is shocking that it simply looks like a squash):

Buttercup squash, local food packaging that makes sense

When I removed it from the oven I thought it looked overly dry.  I took comfort in the sticker that i had cooked it correctly.  I added some butter and brown sugar (was out of maple syrup and the irony of adding something from so far is not lost on me) and a touch of water and mashed it.  The dish was a hit.

There is a stereotype that eating local in Ontario (and most of Canada) will relegate us to a steady diet of squash and other root-like veggies.  We are going to do our best to examine other alternatives as well as exploring these items like we never have before.  I hope to try different squash and tuber dishes every week through the winter and hope to share them with you here.  I really have a hankering to try to make some sort of squash gnocchi type thing but have no idea (yet) where to start.  I do hope that youèll come along for the ride though!


  1. hi joel,

    one of the things i love growing in our garden is winter squash. the crazy colors and shapes are such a joy to see and they are the one vegetable that keeps very well in our cellar for months as squash can store at much warmer temps than other veggies.

    -so i have an amazing squash gnocchi recipe that i have had for years, and that turns out great every time. i would love to get it over to you so you can try your hand at it this winter…

  2. I’m sitting at my desk at the college (at 10:30 on a Friday night, what a loser!), hungry and ready for dinner, and that squash looks so good! The idea of squash with butter and brown sugar or maple syrup or even by itself sounds like heaven just about now.

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