Automating Your Garden? A Handy Tool

I’m a pretty serious geek.  Always have been and always will.  I enjoy small obsessions over tiny things and one of those pursuits has long been about household and lifestyle automation.  Making the machines work for us; not us for them.

I’ve been using a tool call IFTTT for a few years.  It stands for:

IF This Then That

You can use it to do cool thins like:

If I arrive at my House, Then turn my cellphone to silent


If I change my picture on Facebook , Then update my Twitter picture.

It’s not rocket science but it’s awfully neat.

I’ve noticed that they’ve added a bunch of automation task for gardeners.  Things like:

  • Send me a text message when it’s going to freeze overnight
  • Alert my phone when my plants need watering
  • Send me an email to remind me to water the plants.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool.  And thought you might want to check it out too.


  1. Neat! I’ve heard a lot about this app, but never gotten around to installing it. I think I will now :)

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