Asking for 30 Seconds of Help From… You!

We usually use this space to share – today I want to try something different and I need your help.

You know what we write about, you know what you like to read.

Help me answer a simple question:

What types of things would you like to see in our weekly newsletter?  What content should go there as opposed to here?

I'd love to see the first idea or two that comes to mind in the comments below...


  1. Am I really the first to reply?
    I’m sorry I don’t have great ideas. I just love the fact that you put links to older stuff, that fit the season, in the newsletter. I find that very inspiring and hope you keep that in.
    Actually I enjoy it all.

    • haha Loes! Thank you so much! We must have asked on a night that the Internet was broken!

      We plan to make the newsletter even more seasonal; although we know that’s not the best for some of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere who have the opposite season! Should figure out how to stagger it by location…. :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time; much appreciated! We’ll indeed work to keep those things in tact! :)


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