“Antique” Wire Jar Lifter

We were wandering around the Junction Flea a few weeks ago when I stumbled into what appears to be a wire jar lifter (used to pull bottles out of a waterbath):

Antique Wire Jar Lifter Preserving Equipment gadget February equipment

It was labelled as a wine bottle lifter (and perhaps it is) but I can’t see how – or why – this would help someone lift a wine bottle.  It might be a little difficult to imagine using the piece of wire pictured above to lift anything at all until you see what happens when you separate the two wires at the top (pictured on the right of the photo):

Antique Wire Jar Lifter Preserving Equipment gadget February equipment

This tool could easily be used to grasp a canning jar around the neck (i.e. not a wide-mouthed jar) and remove it from water.  It’s relatively stable and has its own unique esthetic.  It’s biggest disadvantage is that it’s 100% metal which likely means the handle will transfer heat from the boiling water and into your hands.  Although this could be mitigated with a good pair of oven mitts, this would make the thin pieces of wire difficult to use.

I think this one is best left for the shelf but was hoping you might enjoy seeing it.  Do you collect any old canning equipment or jars?


  1. ok i dont know how old the original deisgn is but i help my grand paerents make these in their barn when i was a youth im now 52, would you like to know more? dennis

    • That sounds fantastic Denny! Always curious about such things! It’s amazing how we’ve gotten away from such things in ‘modern’ times, isn’t it?

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