Another Tip For Flying With Bottles of Beer

I need to start this post with 2 warnings:

  1. It’s exceptionally geeky.  I have no shame about my deep-seeded love for things that are geeky; this is one of them.
  2. It includes a little bit about metric.  But not that much.  Really.

If you are looking to fly with bottles of beer and want some less geeky advice, read my original tips on How To Fly With Bottles of Beer.  I’ve flown with hundreds of bottles and that system has yet to fail me.

As I shared in the other piece, weighing your luggage on the way to your destination is a key knowing how much room you have for beer on the way home.  I gave some guidelines on guessing the amount of beer in the previous piece; today’s tip is about how to more accurately guess the weight of the beer you are buying.

And this is where the metric comes in: a milliliter of water weighs a gram.  Most quarts are around 750 ml, so they weigh 750 grams.  There are 454 grams in a pound so dividing the ml by 454 will give you the amount of pounds of water in a bottle of beer (i.e. 750 ml/ 454 = 1.65 pounds).

If you’re flying with 5 or 6 (or 12) bottles, this gives you a quick way to precisely measure the weight of the liquid in the bottles.

Of course there’s a few things missing in order to calculate the total weight of your beer, so you’ll have to estimate:

  • The weight of the bottles
  • The weight of any non-beer items (such as excess packaging or lees in the bottle)
  • At extreme temperatures the weight of the liquid could be effected.

While this won’t precisely tell you how much your beer will be it has saved me from buying too much a few times.

Do you fly with beer?  What’s your system?


  1. We do much the same as you with all sort of liquids (oil, red wine). And, like you, have never had a spill. I also double wrap liquids in shopping bags or large ziplocks. Since having children, i wrap bottles in diapers with the (optimistic?) idea that they will soak up any spills. But like I said, never had a spill.

    • Oh boy Thea, I can see myself traveling with diapers – and no kids! Laughing at the idea but, given the fact that you are travelling with kids I think that makes total sense! :) I’ve often considered ziplocs and just never got to it…maybe one day I’ll regret it… :)

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