Another Tip on Pizza

When I wrote about our pizza tips last week, I promised to post some photos once I got back from my trip to Phoenix.

We also shared and asked for tips.  A consistent tip people shared was that they would ‘blind bake’ their dough (essentially start to or fully cook the dough before adding the toppings).  There was a lot of great reasons that people did this – from ease of handling to mass service (i.e. a pizza party for a bunch of people) and just plain great results.  It is definitely something worth trying.

Another Tip on Pizza Pizza goodpic Flour Cooking Recipes

When I make pizza, I ensure it is on a well-floured board that I can lift with one hand.  I make sure that the pizza is on the very edge of the board.  This allows me to use a wide spatula to easily coax it onto the preheated pizza stone.

Another Tip on Pizza Pizza goodpic Flour Cooking Recipes

That’s all for the pizza posts for now.  Our next step is to work on a dough that incorporates whole flour and grains.


  1. Not sure if you’d be interested or not but I make my pizza on the grill and partially cook the dough so that I can set up a pizza topping buffet for my guests and then I easily and quickly finish the topped pizzas, again on the grill. Here is the link to my post Blacksmith Pizza on Cook Lisa Cook.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  2. That pizza looks amazing!

    Thanks for the tip!


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