Announcement: HomeEc Off Campus is Launching In Columbus, Ohio

We’ve been bouncing off the walls with excitement this weekend and couldn’t wait to share: Columbus, Ohio is the home of our first HomeEc Off Campus series of events!  Thanks to Kate (from Kate on the Way) and Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) and the fine folk at The Rehab Tavern (456 W. Town Street).

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a brief rundown:

  • HomeEc is a monthly event hosted in Toronto on the last Monday of the month (usually).  It is a non-competitive get-together of friends and strangers (aka future friends).  Each month has a different theme which is generally some form of challenge and/or potluck (e.g. homemade Halloween Candy, Bring Your Own Bar Snacks and more).  All different levels of skill attend so you don’t have to be an advanced cook to share.
  • As of 2013, there’s also a virtual component where people can make something at home, share it with others and join in on the fun by posting to the hashtag or event on Facebook.  For any bloggers out there we will gladly share any posts about their virtual event that are sent to us by the calendar end of the month!
  • HomeEc off campus is the extension of the original series – this means that the fine folks in Columbus will be running a parallel event on the same evening.  While the events are separate, we will find ways to share across communities including sharing the same hashtag (#WPHomeEC), theme/challenge and spirit.  We’ll be working on ways to somehow connect the communities further as we progress together!

 Announcement: HomeEc Off Campus is Launching In Columbus, Ohio Home Ec Columbus

I’ve met Kate (electronically) only recently but have been a fan of Rachel’s project for a long time.  Dana and I are excited to be working with both of them and think they’ll be excellent ambassadors of HomeEc and are excited to see how our communities can connect from afar (at least for now)!

The First event is 1 week from today – Monday, January 28th at The Rehab Tavern (it’s in East Franklinton).  To make it easier to follow, we’ve created a separate invite on our Facebook group dedicate to the Columbus event.  Rachel and Kate are admins there so you’ll be able to connect to them with your Columbus questions here (just click the Columbus event; you’ll find the Toronto one as well if you’re closer to us or want to be represented digitally).

To see some of our past posters and recaps of events from last year, head over here.

I can’t wait to hear about the Columbus event and am really excited to have two amazing people like Kate and Rachel playing along!

If you’re in a city other than Columbus or Toronto and are interested in potentially joining the HomeEc family, let us know.  We’re concentrating on ensuring we can support Columbus for the next few months but will consider others, especially once we have the tools to support others.  Email me (joel (a) if you’re interested/ have questions and let us know why your city would be a good fit!


  1. This is so great. Excited to be part of the expanded community.

  2. This is such an awesome announcement! Can’t wait to participate!

  3. Congratulations. You have worked so hard to make this such a success here in Toronto, that the expansion to other markets makes so much sense.

  4. Missed this last month. Does this take place in Columbus every month? When is the next one and where?

    • Hi Gail,

      I missed your message this month!

      Our friends Rachel and Kate are hosting a ‘sister’ event at the Rehab tavern in Columbus every month. It’s generally the last Monday of the month – we’ll announce the theme on March 11 for our next event and all the details will be in that post! :)

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