A special kind of something…

I adore all things limited, special and scarce.  There’s something magical about sharing, seeing or experiencing something that seems an “extra special” kind of something.

A special kind of something...

Each one of our preserves is made with care, love and passion – each is unique.  A fairly recent digital friend (aptly named Tigress in a Jam) has proposed that each of us who creates preserves should produce a riserva; a special batch of preserves that are more limited than the rest.

I adored the idea and am working on a couple of ideas for my 2009 riserva – however her post made me think of several other things we make and how we can approach our batches.  I realized that while I can be free to experiment (and should), there are a couple of standbys that should make an annual appearance.  Some things are simply so good that they should be repeated year after year – further I can use these as a barometer to measure my own progress and the uniqueness of our crops year after year.

A special kind of something...

All of this is a long way of saying that he post (and Dana’s request) were enough for me to make a batch of Raspberry-Jalapeno Jam.  I had come to peace that I wouldn’t make a repeat this year and I recanted.

For those who think this combination sounds ghastly I should explain that this is absolutely fantastic with cheese (brie) and site that we have never put a bottle in our fridge – each time the jar opens, it is eaten in a single seating.

This years version is untested (thus no recipe).  It includes red and golden raspberries and honey in place of some of the sugar.  It’s too large for a reserve – 9.5 cups of jam in total.

For more inspiration you can also check out her other blog, TigressInAPickle.


  1. hi guys, very happy that the reserva concept has inspired you! thanks so much. i very much look forward to reading more about your preserving adventures on your lovely blog! raspberry-jalapeno jam sounds absolutely delicious!

    happy canning. :)

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