A Quick Tip To Speed Fermenting on Cold Days

Our apartment has been cool these days – so cool that fermentation has been slow.  This wouldn’t be a problem except we’re fermenting ginger beer and mustard for two different upcoming social events so needed to give them a boost.

Here’s a quick trick to temporarily speed up fermentation of small batches of fermenting:

A Quick Tip To Speed Fermenting on Cold Days November

I find fermenting to be ideal around 70 degrees – it will stop if it’s too hot or too cold.  Sitting jars in a bath of warm (nearly hot) tap water) gently warms their contents and accelerates the process of fermentation.

Just be caredul not to use water that’s too hot or you could easily cease the process altogether!


  1. @AlchemyPickle says:

    Very low level electric blanket or heating pad can also work, or a seed sprouting mat. I’ve just been strategically placing ferments closer to the heaters for a little extra warmth.

  2. It’s also a technique for making yogurt at home.

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