A perfect autumn saturday…

A perfect autumn saturday... October

It started bright and early (Shaeffer’s decision of course), we grabbed a coffee and started up the Don River Trail from Queen Street to the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer’s Market…about 4.5km (according to google maps) one way. The rain held off and you could almost forget you’re in the middle of the city. We did the rounds at the market, visiting friends and introducing them to Shaeffer, it was his first time there and definitely wont be his last. It took us a while to go around because everyone wants to stop and give him attention…which he LOVES. We met a few dogs, chatted with people and loaded up the backpack with 15-20lbs of  fantastic autumn produce (leeks, squash, potatoes, onions, carrots…..). Simron at the Everdale Farm stand (one of our usual stops) offered us a taste of his corn, raw…which was AMAZING and we ended up coming home with 4 cobs. The remainder of the sample occupied Shaeffer’s attention for quite a while, good thing this dog likes vegetables! He ate his fill of local organic greens and Jamie Kennedy’s famous french fries that had made their way onto the pavement at the market – I think he’s fitting into our family just fine. We walked home on the west side of the Don and stopped off at Riverdale farm to look at the horses. We were all dragging our feet a bit by the time we made it home just before lunch. One dirty dog bathed and fed and snoring in a corner, and we had some quiet time for lunch. The freshest of fresh buckwheat pasta from Everdale (buckwheat milled friday, pasta made saturday morning). A jar of last year’s tomato sauce, some onions and celery from Sosnicki’s Organic produce topped with cheese we brought back from Black River Cheese in Prince Edward County last weekend. After a well deserved nap, we caught up with friends over a pint at F’Coffee.

Today the Slow Food Picnic, we should have just brought a tent up to the Brickworks!

Next weekend Thanksgiving at the Cabin, another first for Shaeffer.

Have I mentioned, fall is my favourite time of year?


  1. Ms. Shorty says:

    That’s it Shaeffer……loosen up those baby teeth on the corn instead of pairs of jeans. That horse is just a tad too big to play with but I sure love the intensity you have in watching him!

  2. Sandra MacCharles says:

    Enjoyed seeing and hearing about your and Shaeffer’s trip to the market. Enjoy him. A truly handsome puppy who is really growing quickly. Sure do miss Telly and certainly do not get the exercise I used to get. Say hi to Dana for us and enjoy your Thanksgiving at the cabin.
    Aunt Sandra

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