A new hunter joins the family

I introduced the topic of hunting to this forum in February (the article was called Confessions of a One-Time Vegetarian which attempts to give a balanced introduction on my own moral journey related to hunting).  The onset of fall means that we are in full-on preparation mode for the coming season.

Dana and I have added to our family this week – he is too young to hunt this year and will eventually join me in the bush.  Our main hope for Shaeffer is to be a good pal – I would far rather a great friend and poor hunter than the other way around.  He is a Vizsla (Hungarian bird-hunting dog).  He is named after the pond on our property near Huntsville (Shaeffers Pond).

A new hunter joins the family

A new hunter joins the family

We will update our journeys with Shaeffer as it relates to food.  For now he is stalking his toys and living a life between crazy energy and absolute sleep.


  1. I think Shaeffer is just beautiful and once his puppy teeth fall out I want to play with him.

    I am sure that we will see some yummy recipes for dog treats here…..after all there is nothing better then a Well Preserved dog!!!

  2. A terribly gorgeous puppy. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and your wonderful recipies. Will be trying some out in the next few weeks with some time off.

  3. I love him!!!!! He is too adorable and handsome. Cannot wait to meet him!!!

  4. He’s fabulous. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  5. OMG OMG OMG he is soooo lovely!!!!
    Hope all is well, let me know when your over this way!

  6. They do love to sleep …

    And cuddle …

    And lick …


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