A Magical Evening… with Not Far From the Tree

A very short post this evening – it is 1.30am as I write this.

We had a fantastic night tonight – the fine folks from Not Far From the Tree popped bye with bags of fruit and we preserved and tasted together for almost 6 hours.  These guys are really amazing.  We introduced them in a post here – but check out their website here.  We will provide more info soon – the super Readers Digest version is this – they organize volunteers to harvest urban fruit from backyards around Toronto.  A third of the fruit goes to the property owner, a third goes to the volunteers and the rest to charity.

They picked 3003 pounds last year – they are at 6,812 pounds so far this year!  It is easy to get inspired by them.

Our friend Margaret Mulligan ( you met her here and can see her pro pics here and her blog here) was by to take some pics.  There will be more posts this week – in the mean time we will start with some of the great shots:

A Magical Evening...  with Not Far From the Tree

A Magical Evening...  with Not Far From the Tree


  1. And what a fantastic night it was! Of course, Joel, you left out the part of us being able to taste the most AMAZING preserves, paired with some to-die-for cheese. When you brought out the mini-torch, I felt like I was dining in a Jamie Kennedy restaurant!

    Speaking of inspiring….I’ve finally gotten around to dealing with the 20 pounds of windfall apples I have in my house this morning! They’re bubbling on the stove right now. Don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I can cook/preserve WHILE I’m at home doing work!

    PS: perhaps there will be a blog about your pup and his food choices…..


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