A Guide to our best Tomato Preserving (Canning) Posts

Based on the traffic and searches coming to the site in the last few days, we`re seeing a lot of people looking for help and insight into canning tomatoes. 

Here`s a guide to some of our all-time best tomato posts to help you out:

Overview of the Process
A high-level guide of start-to-finish of the canning process.

Selecting Tomatoes
Some thoughts on the best canning tomatoes, the importance of buying tem 4-5 days before you jar (learned last year), and a breed of tomato called `half-long.`

The Crush
A walk-through of our crushing process including an overview of the equipment and setup we`ve accumulated over 10+ years of making tomato sauce.  The most important piece of equipment remains the protective gloves (something I stubbornly refused for years).

Cooking it Down
The first time you see the pink frothy mess of cooking tomatoes, you may start to worry.  Click to see the stages and a set of tips around the all important cooking process.

Jarring Tomato Sauce
The contentious issue of adding herbs, garlic and salt.

Last Years Results
Including the yield we created from 6 bushels of tomatoes – last year was probably our best sauce yet (I don’t say that every year).

Better Tomato Sauce
This isn’t about canning but some other food for thought about the rest of the plant and preserving the leaves.

While you’re at it…
Our best slow roasted tomatoes (can do this with plum tomatoes as well)

The trick to really spicy spaghetti
It’s not in the sauce…

The great hot pepper lexicon
Try variety when you heat your sauce (this is a complete series of posts)

Preserving Roasted Peppers
If you’re going to go through the work of tomatoes, make sure you spend the time to do your peppers – add a package of these to your sauce when cooking dinner and you’ll know why!

Tomorrow we will share our recipe (not shared previously) and explain why we’ve held it back.


  1. When doing your big pot of tomato sauce, do you keep the lid on or off?

    • hi greg,

      usually the lid is off. Easier to monitor and we are trying to evaporate the water content. We do it under the overhand of a house so rain isn’t an issue. How about yourself?



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