5 Reasons (Not) to Come to our Preserve Swap

Our preserve swap is this Monday (November 25th)!  It’s our last swap of 2013 and we’re hoping to make it a wild night!

If you’ve never been to a preserve swap before, there might be some uncertainty around the event.  In today’s post I hope to share 5 common reasons people hesitate and hope to share my perspective on each:

5 Reasons (Not) to Come to our Preserve Swap preserve swapping November1. I won’t know anyone.

Other than bringing a friend, you’ll find that meeting others is really easy.  How so?  As your hosts, we’ll do our best job to introduce you to others, there’s a host of friendly people that come to these events and also go out of their way to welcome people and the structure of the event makes it easy to meet people.  When you arrive you’ll be asked to sign a small waiver acknowledging that you are trading for homemade food (standard for such swaps) and then asked to place your preserves on the bar.  For the first hour (it starts at 8:00), people check out what each other have brought – you can meet others by asking about what they brought or wait for someone to ask you.

By the time we announce the start of the swap (which will be a bit of a frenzy), you’ll have had ample chance to meet many!

2. I don’t know how to preserve.

Learning to preserve is fairly easy and you can learn in a few hours with a friend, a good book or on many websites (cough).  Having said that, if it’s too daunting to take that on yourself, show up anyway!  It’s a great chance to talk to people who preserve, ask questions and learn from them.  You won’t be able to swap but you’ll leave with more knowledge and confidence to start!

By tomorrow, we’ll share a roundup of easy preserves (suitable for this time of year) that you can learn with.

3. I don’t have enough preserves to swap.

You have a few options here; the easiest is to make a batch of something just to swap!  Pickle a case of beets and trade it for 12 jars with others.

We’ve also had people show up with preserve-related items (such as sourdough starter and maple water) that others were willing to trade for.  So you can also be creative with what you bring!

4. I’m very cautious; I’m not sure I trust others to be the same.

This is part of the mix-n-mingle process.  You have the chance to meet others and choose who you want to swap with.  You choose who you swap with; if you don’t want to trade, don’t trade!

5. I don’t want to swap.

Totally fair!  It’s not for everyone – but there’s no reason you can’t show up, hang out and meet a bunch of people interested in cooking, eating and preserving food!

Want to learn more details about the event?  Check out our invite here or checkout the Facebook event page here!


  1. If I had a teleporter, I’d load a case with preserves and come, it sounds wonderful and I’m full of envy! May have to do something like this here in London!

  2. I would love to be there but I am from Montreal. I havent’ heard about such event around here. Maybe one day… Hope you have fun!

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