3 Minutes of Help

We interrupt ‘regular scheduled programming’ for a shameless request for help.  We need 3 minutes of your help.

We’ve been nominated by The Kitchn (one of the Internet’s larger food sites) for an annual award as part of their “Homies” awards.  In order to move onto the voting round, we need to finish in the Top 5 of nominated sites.

Nominations close tomorrow and we need every vote we can get (we’re currently in 20th place but know we are within reach of a top-5 finish).

We ask you for your help because a nomination would help us build this community further and help us reach audiences that could enhance this community further.  A larger audience will simply mean that we’ll be able to focus more time, resources and investment on making WellPreserved better for you.

It takes 3 minutes to nominate us (or your other favourite blogs).  Head to this link, and create an account (you don’t need to receive a newsletter or anything like that).  We need your nominations in the “Best Blog from Abroad” Category.

Thank you for considering helping us get the message out!


  1. And done. Good luck!

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