2 Days Left to Support the Farm Curious Kickstarter and Their Fermenting Set

I had intended to write about this project long ago; through a comedy of self-invoked errors, I failed to do so until now.  I am so excited for the folks at FARMcurious who have clearly mixed a great idea and the willingness to take a risk to make it happen.

They’ve beaten their goal by more than 300%!


This project is intended to help people learn to ferment while also giving experienced fermenters a way to ferment small batches with ease.  The fermenting kits include a ReCap kit and an airlock.  We’ve used similar homemade contraptions; it’s an awesome system!  The airlock makes it very difficult for mold to form and makes fermenting a breeze.

In addition to the kits, there’s something bigger about supporting a project like this; this project supports some amazing people who are trying to make a difference.  I don’t know Nicole personally but we do share some friends, have traded a few emails and I love how she’s brought so many people from the preserving community together through her project.  When you support this kickstarter you aren’t supporting an anonymous organization but a person, driven by passion, who is chasing a dream.  And that gets me excited.

Just because they’ve met their goal doesn’t mean there’s no reason to support.  There’s still plenty of incentives left including a double-fermenting set and recipe collection for $33!

Head over and check out the project; you’ll be able to participate until Monday when the kickstarter completes!  You can also learn more about FARMcurious on their site.


  1. I’m pleased to report that I’m the one who just pushed them over the $50k mark. :D Thanks for the reminder.

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