11 Days of Feastmas – the big day of cooking

It’s cold and dark outside.  I’ve been up for an hour and will leave the house before 6.00AM.  I hope to be back home by 8.00AM and the first of several dishes will hit the stove by 8.30.  December 24th has become a big day of cooking for me – an awesome and exciting day and one that gives me the chance to cook without being antisocial – after all, the guests have not arrived yet.

There are 3 breads to bake today (and likely another 1-2 to start for tomorrow).  2 pies, these slow-roasted tomatoes (and we learned last night that figs can be halved and touched with cinnamon and mandarin rind and cooked the same way and intend to) and we’re going to get our chestnuts going too.  I plan to dunk the warm chestnuts into brandy after watching a Jamie Oliver Christmas special last night.

It’s an exciting morning – the prospect of coffee and a market that is quiet before the storm enthralls.

And, of course, there is still the matter of the one remaining Christmas Gift that I am short of.  11 Days of Feastmas   the big day of cooking December

Ladies and Gentlemen, have a most wonderful day – check your list twice to make sure you’ve got what you need!  If you don’t have extra celery, carrots and onions to help make stock on the weekend, there’s still time!  We’ll be posting some tips on boxing day on how to make a better, bolder stock.

Happy Holidays to all of our friends, lovers and other strangers (Toronto readers will recognize this odd ending from

What are foods you can’t live without this time of year?


  1. Ms. Shorty says:

    Joel, Dana and Schaeffer….have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family and we look forward to hearing all the food stories when we get back together in the New Year!!!

    Woof….woof….we are having fun with our new food processor that arrived just in time for Hanukkah treats :-)

    Now if a mixer arrives in time for Christmas we may have lots of stories for you!!!!

  2. So looking forward to stories and pictures of your holiday season cooking. Have a great Christmas with Ken, Joyce, Paul, Ruth, Kevin and of course the baby Schaeffer along with the rest of your extended family who are all lucky ducks to be enjoying your food!

    Big Hugz to all of you!

    Kerry 😉

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