11 Days of Feastmas – Raising the BAR on stuffing

Turkey is a traditional feast for us on the Holidays.  One of my favourite parts of the meal is the stuffing – ours is a combination of bread that we cube and dry for a few days, sausage meat and a few other tasties.  It could be a meal in its own right.

My first tip for stuffing is yet another low-effort and wait task.  By the time our family descends on our home banquet they will be sharing food that we have easily prepared in weeks and months leading up to the meal.  All of this preparation actually excites me as I go – it does not feel like a chore.

1-3 days before stuffing your Turkey fill a glass with raisins and another with dried cranberries.  Fill one glass with rum and the other with brandy.  Cover and watch – if the glass dries out, add more booze as desired.  The booze and fruit add flavor and moistness to your stuffing and tie the tastes to other dishes, like cranberry sauce.  If you don’t like raisins, double up on the cranberries or vice versa.

The dried fruit will become plumper and larger the longer they sit.  If there is any liquid left in the glass, it tends so fall into the stuffing as well.

We’ll add photos to these posts as we make this years dishes – grocery shopping begins tonight with a visit to my cheese man!


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