11 Days of Feastmas – Marinating Cheese

This is a last minute addition to the Holiday feasts – a new friend at work shared a holiday tradition he holds dear with me yesterday and it simply sounded so good that we had to give it a whirl.

  • Get yourself a piece of Stilton cheese
  • Poke holes in it with a skewer.  Do not poke all the way through.
  • Pour port onto the surface until it is absorbed.  Continue to do so until the cheese will take no more (he says he puts up to 2 ounces in a fairly typical piece).  You are not trying to have the cheese swimming in port – you are trying to drown it from the inside.
  • Place in fridge and wait a week.

By my calculations, If I buy the by cheese tomorrow I will be ready to go in time for the Holidays.  We’ll update these posts (i.e. the duck prosciutto, infused booze and this) when they are all complete and eaten.  11 Days of Feastmas   Marinating Cheese Wine needspic December Cooking Recipes Cheese 11 Tastes of Feastmas 11 days of feastmas

Short, easy and should be awesome!  The drink pairing is also decidedly simple with this one!

Does anyone else marinate cheese with any different pairings of cheese and flavor?  Would love to hear while there’s time!


  1. Yummy! this one I have to try!


  1. […] Fourme D’Ambert.  A classic French blue cheese that is made from cows milk (more info here).  It is one of France’s oldest cheeses and is protected by the AOC (Appellation d’origine controlle) which, similar to champagne, prohibits imitators from knocking it off.  Although many websites seem to list this as being 50% fat, the one I purchased is 24%.  I have already punched holes in it and filled it with a 10 year old Tawny port (as you may recall we were planning to do this with Stilton). […]

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