10 Things I’ve Learned from Preserving That Apply to Business

Last week I wrote an article about 10 Things I’ve Learned In Business that Apply to Preserving – this week I’m flipping the idea and sharing ideas from my kitchen that I apply to work.

In no particular order, here are things I’ve learned from Preserving that Apply to Work of any type:

  1. Patience
    When I’m making a big batch of preserves on a hot summer day it’s important to stay relaxed, loose and having fun.  Someone once told me that it’s “tough to get good at anything you don’t enjoy” and remember to be patient/ have fun when the heat is key to success – in the kitchen or at work.
  2. Time can improve things
    Fermenting, dehydrating or making pickles all take time to develop flavor.  At work this means that the first idea isn’t always the best and letting it sit for a while will often improve the results.
  3. Watch your fingers, especially when tired
    I never plan to cut myself in the kitchen but it happens from time to time; generally when I’m tired or near the end of making something.  I’ve learned to take extra care when I feel the same way at work.
  4. Take pride – but not too much
    There’s a certain satisfaction in what we’ve produced that inspires us to produce more.  It’s fun to take a few moments to look at the shelf of preserves we’ve put up over the last few years – as long as we don’t get stuck in reflecting on the past.  Past momentum helps build momentum in the present to push forward.
  5. Share your work
    Share your preserves and share the things you do at work – the more you do, the more you’ll receive in return.  Sharing creates community, support and collaboration at work and at home.
  6. Taste as you go
    A few years ago I preserved every pea that came into our house.  I didn’t eat a single one fresh and realized once pea season was over.  I’ve learned to enjoy fresh veg and fruit when they’re available as well as taste jam and other things as they’re being made.  Same thing applies to work – check your progress often as opposed to waiting for the end to find out how you did.
  7. Research in advance
    Reading recipes, blogs, magazines and brainstorming all allow me to preserve and cook things that I get great joy from and couldn’t do without preparing in advance.  The same applies to work – spend some time planning what you’re going to do before running ahead.
  8. Keep a secret stash of supplies
    I have am extra set of every size jar that I use, extra rings lids, sugar and vinegar hidden in a box in the basement.  There’s nothing worse than running out of supplies at the time that you need you most and my secret stash has saved me many late night dashes to try to find last-minute items.
  9. Share your knowledge
    I almost excluded this because of point 5 (share your work); the principal is the same but it’s just as important.  I know so many people who are expert preservers who will gladly swap jars but say that they “don’t know enough to share” when it comes to preserving.  The more you share, the more you’ll learn.
  10. Make tasty things
    When I preserve I make food that I’m excited about and it makes me want to make more.  If it didn’t taste good, it wouldn’t be worth it and it wouldn’t excite me to make more.  When I work I try to make things that excite me – they’re far more fun and generally better received by others!

Of course there are exceptions to any of these items but they serve me well – what would you add to the list?


  1. Excellent advice (for work of any type, indeed!)

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