Smoked Tomato Gazpacho Recipe

It’s been hot here. Really hot. Really, really hot. Smog, humidity and heat meant that Toronto got over 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) here.

Dana and I chose to go for our longest walk of the summer yesterday. It wasn’t our brightest decision – but it was a lot of fun. When we got back we knew we needed to have something to heat but the idea of heating our apartment or standing over a stove for too long was dire.

This recipe does call for peeling the tomatoes (which involves boiling water). I highly recommend you do this in the evening when things are cool or, like we did, using the side burner of a BBQ or a camping stove and drinking lots of beer to stay hydrated.

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Give Loka Snacks a Kick!

We are SO PROUD and excited that our very good friends Dave Mottershall (aka @chef_rouge #LokaSnacks) and Ayngelina ( ) have reached their Kickstarter goal (in just one week) and are now aiming for a stretch goal that can really get their new restaurant off to a fantastic start. Check out their KICKSTARTER  there’s still lots of great rewards and time to pitch in and be a part of getting the bricks and mortar version of Loka Snacks off the ground!!

We are so looking forward to hanging out at the new Loka Snacks with all of our friends and neighbours!!!!!!!!.

Read on after the jump for more info and a great background story on how Loka Snacks came to be…..

Give Loka Snacks a Kick!

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Homemade Smoked Garlic Powder Recipe

If you have the equipment (a cold smoker, dehydrator and a blender/ spice grinder), there are few things as easy as making homemade smoked garlic powder. Our version is subtle on the smoke but you could easily make far smokier by smoking it longer or chopping the garlic before smoking. If you don’t have a smoker you could skip the smoking step and just make garlic powder.

Regardless of your method, there’s one trick you need to know: chop your garlic before drying it. Failing to do this will mean longer drying times and the garlic cloves will transform into small rocks that are next to impossible to grind into a powder!

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Incredible Edibles Festival – Saturday July 11

If you’re looking for something fantastic to do this weekend come out and catch us at the Incredible Edibles Festival. Just a short drive  (1.5 hours or so) out of Toronto in lovely Campbellford.

Joel will be doing a talk on “Preserving in 10 Minutes or Less” and a Meade and Winemaking Demo on Saturday morning. There’s a tonne of other fantastic speakers, activities and great food to try and buy from local producers. Oh…and a GOAT RACE and FASHION SHOW (yes, I had to shout that) from our friends Haute Goat. More info under this cute picture of GOATS!!!

PLUS. if you have Friday off you should definitely check out the FARM TOUR, it’s from 10-4 on friday, tour 4 farms, lunch is included and meet some really really cute GOATS!!!

Incredible Edibles Festival   Saturday July 11

Joel’s presentations

10am - Preserving in 10 Minutes or Less

When people think of preserving food they often think that it takes a lot of time, energy and hard work. Many preserving techniques have existed before the invention of all of the appliances in your kitchen – learn how to preserve without them. Joel will share an overview of 7 different preserving styles (including some modern ones) and demonstrate 5 preserves that you can make in 10 minutes or less. The session will be light-hearted and interactive with lots of time for questions.

11:30  - Mead and Honey Wine Demonstration

Homemade honey wine can be made in small mounts (1 gallon or less) and takes less than an hour of effort. This light-hearted session will show you the affordable equipment required, walk you through all elements of the process from initial fermenting, adding additional flavours (such as fruit or hops), bottling and ageing. The process can be as casual and as simple as you wish it to be!

 From the Incredible Edibles Team:

What do Frankie Flowers, Water Buffalo, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Crickets have in Common??

All will be featured at the 2nd Annual INCREDIBLE EDILBES FESTIVAL on July 11th in

Campbellford Ontario! This year we are closing an entire street in downtown Campbellford to accommodate the nearly 50 vendors who will be selling everything from Water Buffalo cheese, to cricket cookies to goat cheese chocolates and so much more!.  The festival is a showcase for local producers and visitors will have the chance to sample all sorts of INCREDIBLE food that they may never have tasted before. New this year!  The INCREDIBLE FARM TOUR which will give visitors the opportunity to visit 5 farms in the area and get an up close and personal understanding of how food is grown and makes its way from farm to table. In addition to the food vendors, there will be speakers such as Frankie Flowers (Gardening expert and Weatherman on Breakfast Television), Joel McCharles (Preserving expert of WELL, Jude Cohen-Phillips from INCREDIBLE EDIBLE TODMORDEN, inspiration for the Campbellford Festival, and Deborah Niehmann-Boehle, talking on HOMEGROWN AND HANDMADE.  Deborah will also be  leading a cheese-making demonstration. There will be a children’s tent with lots of activities, including much-loved children’s musician Andrew Queen, as well as varied line-up of music all day.

And a crowd favourite!  The GOAT RACE AND FASHION SHOW is back.  Root for your favourite goat team as they speed their way around the obstacle course in some of the most imaginative fashion themes you will ever see! For more information and to purchase Farm Tour tickets check out:


Wild Leek Powder Recipe (Dehydrator Recipe) aka Ramps

Wild Leeks, or ramps as some call them, are the clear sign that Spring has hit home.  Delicate leaves that taste like a pungent onion are often eaten fresh, used for cooking or pickled.

I love to dehydrate and make a powder from them.  The powder is used like a dry herb on its own or combined with rosemary, thyme, garlic or celery seed to add a flavor boost to any cooking.

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